Welcome to My Website

Welcome, to what ever this is. I don't really know how you found this small little nook in the internet, but here you are. Like I said, Welcome! Take a seat stay a while, you must be tired. Here is a collection of various posts and projects that I am in the process of making. This being one of them! One day this website will look completely different as I figure out new and better ways to do things here. But for now this is what it looks like. So enjoy it while you can and have a look around to see what is going on!


I don't really know what to put here but If I figure it out, I will put it here.

Posts that are coming down the line

Post that I want to get to eventually, I dont really have a time table on getting to these, but I wanted to put them down ( I am not really sure why I am doing it publicly and not in some file somewhere else) So that I would remember them. I already forgot one of the ones I wanted to write.

  • What would you do if no one could stop you?, Dishonored video notes
  • The Importance of found family
  • Isolation, on being alone
  • Nature of people : And what it means to go against it.
  • The Diary of an Oxygen Theif - eta after I finish reading the book
  • Maybe some poetry, or maybe what each quote means to me
  • Time, tik tok tik tok
  • Maybe some short stories, ideally some that I will later use as inspiration for games
  • Not book reviews, but just thoughts and memories of what the books meant
  • The "A Pattern of Shadow and Light" series, and the differences in pieces and players
  • Judge the moth by the flame
  • Jocko Wilink Video Proactive vs Reactive
  • Simon Sinek Video Strong Thigh Muscles = More Friends

Projects I am currently working on

  • Particle Simulation of a Real Time gas
  • Building a Spectrometer
  • A game clone of Slice and Dice (not for commercial retail)
  • This website!

Here are some of the programming projects I want to get done

  • Electronic Ukelele
  • Bullet Wizard in C
  • Alchemist / Artificer Game
  • an Incremental Game hosted on this website (We will see how web assembly works out or I might learn java script)
  • Turn based Roguelike using a 1-bit asset pack
  • Small old school RPG (also maybe a roguelike)
  • Text-based Roguelike RPG of going through college
  • Darkest Dungeon Style Game
  • Touch screen E-Ink Displays
  • Virtual Table Top assistant - mainly just keeping track of hp, init and the boring stuff

About Me

Hello, I am a physics student, and programmer, mainly dealing with C, and Python but am fluent in other programming languages as well. Ideally I will work a full time job as a physicist and then come home and work on some Indie game project in my free time, and maybe I will get good enough at that to start making money off it, even if it doesn't support me full time. Programming is my passion, and Physics sates my undying curiousity. I want to be a sort of polymath where I will try to know as much about the universe as a whole as possible.

Social Media

If I decide on some social media I want to be public I suppose I will put it here. Maybe